#Pre-order link for book purchase is now AVAILABLE on AMAZON


The set publication date on Amazon for the final copy of the first edition to the Book of Grage novel series is set to be launched on 3 October!

Paperback copies are yet to be available upon demand!

IM SO EXCITED! I literally cannot wait for this to happen. And You will make it all possible!

The Book of Grage – War of Gods: The Black Death – Andile Mchunu aka Blacksquire, an #Interview #QandAs

I am eternally grateful to Stefanie for the amazing work she has done for me.

Make sure to get your hands on the Pre-order of your own copy on Amazon!

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

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Today I’m not on a blogtour, but doing my own interview with Andile Mchunu aka Blacksquire, author of ‘The Book of Grage – War of Gods: The Black Death’, to promote this book.
Before I let you read my Q&As, I’ll first post some ‘basic’ information.

About the Author :

IMG_20180711_171935_830My name is Andile Mchunu, but my writers name is ‘Blacksquire’.
I am a South African aged twenty and have recently finished my manuscript soon to be self-published.
I am a writer who prides himself in dwelling on the seat of my readers.
Which is why I often wish for what I write to remain anonymous.
My writing is my identity but the identity of my writing should not be me, I will remain by the…

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#Book Cover Reveal Time. #Black Death. #Publication Date.

Thank God!

As you guys know I have been in search for a good cover design for my first book titled the Black Death. Only to find out I have had the design for my cover all along!

The portrait of the Black Ram which I recently shared on my blog is now featured as the cover of my novel! The Black Ram serves as a great significance to the book in that it expresses a major theme of the novel, in that the black ram serves as a salvation to the people of the Northlands. How? You might ask.

Well…the Black Death is the demonic plague that scourges the Northlands, by the doing of the Omen (God) ‘Hailo’. The Black ram or black sheep are than sacrificed to the Omen to tame him rage and uplift their curse!


#Publication Date.

I would first like to apologize for the delay in setting an exact publication date for my the book. I still have to go through various streams of finding the correct platforms to help launch my book. If there is any successful blog looking to new books to review i would like to offer mine as prime choice.

Publication date will be on the 8th of September 2019!


The Black Ram!

I was recently challenged by my colleagues and partners in art to design my own book cover for my soon to be published Novel Titled the Book of Grage: War of Gods.

The Black Ram was inspired by the book thyme titled the Black Death.

This inspiration came to me when I was proofreading my manuscript. The Black Death is a sort of demonic plague that the god of death unleashes to his people that have withdrew from him their prayers and faith, from the Omen “Hailo”.

The Black Ram is their salvation.

The median of use for this portrait was dark pencil, paint and charcoal!

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